What is the Price Matrix Icon?


The Price Matrix is a pricing function of the T-Quoter that allows you to predetermine the price you would like to charge for a specific service (i.e. work order type like screen printing or embroidery). If you already have a set "price list" for screen printing or embroidery the T-Quoter will allow you to enter in so that you control the pricing for a particular job.


The Price Matrix allows you to specify the From and To ranges (i.e. quantities of 12-19, 20-24, etc) as well as the number of colors or stitch count ranges. These two variables cross each other in the matrix which is where the price the T-Quoter will pull for that particular item. You also have the ability to markup a set range a particular markup amount.


All of these items together give you complete control over how the T-Quoter prices out the items for the job at hand. We look at how to USE THE PRICE MATRIX in the next section.

Fig. 1: The Price Matrix function of the T-Quoter allows you to use your own price list for pricing out customer jobs.